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So what difference does four dead people in Benghazi make?



-A smaller government

-That lives within its means

-And adheres to the Constitution

-The firm defense of family, faith, flag,  neighborhood, and community .

If you have similar views, please MAKE A DIFFERENCE and join the movement!
For information about upcoming events contact

The SVE Tea Party meets at the Spencer Town Hall, the meetings start at 7 PM.

Our next meeting is on October 4, at 7 PM at the Spencer Town Hall.

Our guest speaker is NY Assemblyman Chris Friend, staunch supporter of the Second amendment. His opponent in the November election is a left-wing environmental extremist running on taxing the energy industry to death.   We already have the most expensive electricity around, so we must support Friend to avoid further damage.
Friend is also pushing for ethics reform in the sewer called Albany.

Assemblyman Friend's website below:  

*Directions to the Town Hall : At the only traffic light in town go toward Candor on Rt 96 South 1/4 mile. Street adress is 79 Main St. Town Hall is on right next to the Highway Garage. (Mapquest has the location wrong)

Tax Day Rally 2012 Click here for pictures

Does your church, workplace, Laundromat etc. have a bulletin board? Click here to download a flyer prepared by Cris Pasto to announce the presence of the Spencer-Van EttenTEA party!